Baker Artist Awards

In the 11th hour, I have put the finishing touches on my Baker Artist Award Nomination.  I normally hate applying for shows and exhibitions and art awards because it is time-consuming and sometimes forces me to explain my work (not one of me strengths).  But the intensity of this application process helped me to organize my work and gain a better understanding of why and how my projects have evolved.  By taking the Baker nomination seriously and following through with an earnest application, I learned more about myself as an artist and can now better explain why I make what I make.  Check out the link below:

Notes from Baker Artist Awards Projects

Happy Holidays

We have a recent addition to our family: Silas William Carnahan was born December 12, 2014.  As my little family grows, I feel so thankful this holiday season for my boys and our happy life together.

2014 Christmas Card

Dedicated to Brian

As I finalize this new version of my website and take pride in having done it myself, I realized that I just happen to be finishing up on my dear husband’s birthday, a man who has always encouraged me to put my best foot forward.  So, though my site’s traffic will surely be miniscule at first, I have decided to dedicate the new launch to my husband, Brian.  He would probably be more comfortable with a smaller crowd anyway.

Here’s to you, Brian, and your unconditional support, your constructive criticism, and your endless suggestions (most of them very good).  I don’t know where or how I would be without you as my best friend and partner.  Happy Birthday!

Me and B.jpg